Signature of 50 years in the dental and medical sector...

Our premises, produce dental, medical and cosmetic chairs, tables and other equipment. Currently we have
direct and indirect exports to more than 20 countries including Jordan, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia,
Moldova, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium,
and numerous other Caucasian and Balkan countries.

Our company policy is to move from the idea of investing in humans first, to implement every technological
advancement in our production. Our products possess ISO 9001-2000 and CE certifications.

In the last decade, REM Ltd. has accelerated its import and dealership efforts. Rem Dental currently
have dealerships in our fields of expertise from companies of countries ranging from Far East to Europe.
Our staff is experienced and knowledged in our import products as well as they are in our products.